Our Philosophy

Our goal has always been to nurture and enhance the value of these philanthropic assets over the long term—as markets allow from year-to-year—by seeking the highest possible inflation-adjusted returns directed by an asset-allocation policy that is overseen by our Board of Directors and operating at all times within a prudent level of risk as determined by the ongoing vigilance of our Investment Committee, which reports to the Board.

NCCF employs a total-return approach—the industry standard—in which asset yield and appreciation are weighed equally in investment decisions.

In the interest of transparency and compliance, our financial and investment reports are executed in accordance with investment concepts and best practices governed by both the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, and the Uniform Prudent Investors Act.

We are pleased to continue offering customized accounting, so each of our funds enjoys individualized reporting, while benefiting from the economies-of-scale garnered from our pooled investment strategy.

NCCF partners with DHK Financial Advisors, a decades-experienced financial advisor managing more than $1 billion in assets, we are proudly committed to the following five core investment principles:

  1. Long-Term Horizon
  2. Broad Diversification
  3. Low Investment Fees
  4. Timely Reporting & Accountability
  5. Reduced Complexity

This integrated Investment Philosophy allows us to most effectively fulfill our mission of improving lives in Northwest CT with grants and scholarships, forever.

Investment Performance

Monthly Report: May 2024

Monthly Report: April 2024

Monthly Report: March 2024

Monthly Report: February 2024

Monthly Report: January 2024

Quarterly Report: 1st Quarter 2024

Investment Governance

NCCF is led by an active Board of Directors that is responsible for setting the mission and strategic direction of the organization, including overseeing finances, operations, and policies.

As part of this responsibility, the Board appoints an Investment Committee that provides close oversight of all charitable asset investments entrusted to NCCF, while remaining accountable to the Board for all investment policies and manager recommendations.

Asset Stewardship & Community Distribution Policies

The Investment Committee has developed an Asset Stewardship Policy and a Community Distribution Policy to guide the management of assets entrusted to NCCF and to inform how NCCF invests, nurtures and grows its investments.

Asset Stewardship Policy

Community Distribution Policy

NCCF Investment Committee Members

Chairperson: James A. Thibault, MBA, AWMA, CFP, Managing Partner at Barron Financial Group, LLP; former Global Business Development Manager at the Siemon Company.

Joseph Austin, MBA, Director of Investor Relations for Pacific Road Capital Pty Ltd, a Sydney, Australia-based investment firm focused on the metals and mining sector

Robert Geiger, former general partner at Stolberg Partners, a $170 million middle-market private-equity fund, and former Vice President for Nashua Corporation

Peter Menikoff, JD, MBA, former Chief Financial Officer of Vlasic Foods International, former President and CEO of CONEMSCO, Inc., and former Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of TENNECO, Inc.

Barbara Millar, former Vice President of Northern Trust International Bank and former Vice President at Citigroup, with positions held in liability management, multi-national and commercial real estate lending

Guy Moszkowski, former Managing Director – U.S. Equity Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney; former Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; former Principal – Equity Research, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.; former Engagement Manager – Financial Institutions Group, McKinsey & Co.; Board Member, Banco Santander, S.A

Kevin Noblet, retired business and international journalist; Managing Editor, Wealth Management, at Dow Jones & Co., WSJ.com; former Business Editor at the Associated Press, former Deputy International Editor at the Associated Press

Stacie Weiner, Vice President-Financial Consultant with RBC Wealth Management, former Vice President at Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), and former Vice President at the United States Trust Company of New York (both located in New York, NY);

Jon Zucker, PhD, former Officer at Federal Reserve Bank of NY and former Director in fixed income quantitative research, trading, and/or sales at CitiGroup, Credit Suisse, Nomura International, Merrill Lynch, and Salomon Brothers