Community Catalyst funds and Field of Interest funds support long-term solutions; respond quickly to emergencies; and meet changing social, cultural, educational, or environmental needs in our local community and beyond. Grants from these funds are often awarded through Cycle Grants, competitive grant rounds held three times per year.

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Northwest Corner Gives

Northwest Corner Gives will be held from July 8th-July 28th

Northwest Corner Gives is NCCF's crowdfunding grant round designed to help nonprofits build awareness and raise matching gifts.

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Application Grant Guidelines and a Quick Start Guide for how to apply using our online grants portal.

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Cycle Grants are available three times per year. Support is available for programs, capital improvements, capacity building, and operating expenses.

NCCF has established a funding priority around Early Childhood Literacy. There are many ways all nonprofits can inspire reading and boost reading comprehension. NCCF would like to encourage thought leadership in this area and stimulate program development around this issue.

Application Grant Guidelines and a Quick Start Guide for how to apply using our online grants portal.

Apply: Online Grant Lifecycle Manager Portal ›

Next grant deadline: TBD

City of Torrington’s Economic and Community Growth Plan & Community Impact Grants and Partnership Projects

Eligible Applicants:

  • Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations
  • All funds must be allocated to providing resources or services to Torrington residents or Torrington businesses.

Torrington’s community has been negatively impacted in many different ways by COVID-19. This program is intended to make transformative investments, over a wide-range of uses, that address the negative impacts caused or exacerbated by the Pandemic, while also strengthening the fabric of the community.

Recipients of this program are intended to be “sub-recipients” of the City’s American Rescue Plan funds; therefore, successful applications must provide a direct benefit to the Torrington Community.

Applicants are encouraged, when appropriate, to utilize existing community resources that have a proven track record of success.

The intention of the City’s recovery plan is to “grease the wheel, not reinvent the wheel” when possible.

Eligible Projects / Programs:

Successful applications will address one or more of the following:

Re-engage Torrington’s Youth through youth sports and activities. Applications should focus on youth’s overall well-being, such as mental health, depression, addiction etc., and have an outreach plan to connect with youth that may otherwise not have access to these programs or activities are encouraged.

Increase Child Care Capacity within the City of Torrington. This may include training/services that help fill job vacancies or increase program offerings or physical improvements that increase the number of children that can be cared for. Other creative or collaborative initiatives will also be considered.

Provide Mental Health Support throughout the community. Applications may target a specific population, such as seniors, caregivers, youth etc., and may address, but not limited to, depression, anxiety/stress, suicide, loneliness and obesity.

Support the Travel and Tourism Industries by attracting visitors to the City of Torrington through programing, community events and/or marketing efforts.

Support Torrington’s Creative Economies by providing opportunities for local artists (of all kinds) or creates partnerships/collaborations between arts and cultural organizations within the community.

Support Workforce Development or Job Training programs or collaborations that provide re-skilling, job growth, and/or business expansion and retention.

Address Drug and Alcohol Addiction or Domestic Violence within the community.

Increased Capacity to Address Human Needs such as food insecurity, housing insecurity, and homelessness.

Scoring Criteria

Total Points
15Directly address stated goals of this Grant and clearly describes how the proposal will address one or more of these goals.
10Project application is well thought out and designed to assist its target audience.
10Project outreach plan is well thought out and designed to assist its target audience.
15Project budget is detailed and sufficient to complete the project. Grant will be reimbursement or upfront payment schedule is reasonable and well thought out.
10Project Goals and anticipated outcomes are clearly identified.
10How outcomes/success will be measured is clearly defined.
10Application has demonstrated reasonable community support.
10Project duration is significant to meet community need or demonstrates sustainability beyond grant funding.
10Includes collaboration across organizations. Where collaboration from City Departments, such as Public Schools, Park and Rec etc. is noted support/approval letters have been submitted.

Requests for $15,000 or less: Apply by submitting this application form. Applications will be reviewed by the City of Torrington's ad hoc ARPA committee and a funding recommendation will be made to the City Council based on information provided in the application submittals.

Requests that exceed $15,000: Apply by submitting this same application form. It is expected that these projects will be more complex; therefore, in addition to the application, the City of Torrington's ad hoc ARPA committee may schedule an interview with eligible applicants to discuss what additional information is required (if any) and if approved, how the proposal will be managed. Applications will be reviewed by the City of Torrington's ad hoc ARPA committee and a funding recommendation will be made to the City Council based on information provided in the application submittals and interviews.

All applications:

  • While there is no cap on the amount of funding requested for these projects and no match is required, applicants are encouraged to investigate other resources (e.g., other grants, significant in-kind donations of materials, specialized services, labor, etc.) that could be put together with this grant opportunity in order to provide the maximum community benefit.
  • Recipients of this program are intended to be “sub-recipients” of the City’s American Rescue Plan funds; therefore, successful applications must provide a direct community benefit to residents of the City of Torrington and/or businesses that directly serve the City of Torrington.

Available funding this round: approximately $875,000

Application Deadline for Round 2: April 2, 2023

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Applicants will need to create an account in the Foundation's online grant processing system.

Instructions and a Quick Start Guide for how to apply using our online grants portal.

The NCCF Women & Girls Fund awards grants annually with the goal of helping women and girls develop economic self-sufficiency by means of education, financial literacy and social services.

The Women & Girls Fund is currently accepting LOIs by invitation only.

NCCF allocates a minimum of $60,000 to distribute to public charities and faith-based organizations in its 20-town service area for year-end critical-needs grants. More is often available based on needs. Grants are made possible through the NCCF Draper Foundation Fund, and the NCCF Marion Wm. & Alice Edwards Fund.

Instructions and a Quick Start Guide for how to apply using our online grants portal.

Online Grant Lifecycle Manager Portal

The deadline for the 2023 Year End Critical Needs: October 15, 2023

The Youth Fund provides grants to youth-oriented nonprofit organizations based on recommendations from area high school students who participate in the Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) council.

The Fund supports organizations that serve youth, including bullying and substance abuse prevention programs.

The YIP Council invites grant applications in the Spring.

The Edwards Community Endowment Program (ECEP) is a matching-grants program designed to assist Northwest Connecticut nonprofits with the establishment of endowment funds or to increase established endowments. The project is made possible through a grant from the NCCF Marion Wm. and Alice Edwards Fund.

The purpose of Project is to assist nonprofits in establishing an endowment or adding to an existing NCCF fund. Selected non profits receive a $1 match for every $4 raised with a maximum $20,000 match per organization. All funds generated through the project are placed in a permanent named fund.


  • Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations in the Foundation's 20-town service area that have been in existence for a minimum of three years
  • Organizations that wish to: (i) establish their first organizational endowment, or (ii) raise additional capital to supplement an existing endowment, and (iii) have this endowment managed by the Foundation as a permanent, named fund for the benefit of the organization.

Guidelines & Application

ECEP applications for the program are accepted on a rolling basis. Organizations are selected for participation through a competitive application process. Each participating organization must raise a minimum of $16,000 in endowment gifts to be eligible for an initial match of $4,000.

Organizations unable to reach the $16,000 minimum goal during the allotted time do not receive matching funds; however, monies raised will be placed into a temporary fund at NCCF until the organization reaches a decision as to how and by whom the fund will be managed.

Cash and marketable securities can be counted toward the endowment project match. Funds from existing reserves, operational pledges, or any funds re-directed by a participating organization’s Board of Directors that are specifically earmarked for current operational uses do not qualify.

Money that has been earmarked by the donor for an endowment or established as an organizational endowment may be considered.

Deferred gifts, such as charitable remainder trusts and bequests, are excellent ways to grow endowment funds, but they may not be counted as pledges for the purpose of the Edwards Community Endowment Project.

Funding Criteria

The primary criterion used in evaluating applications is how the organization plans to supplement the endowment fund once it has been established. Special consideration is given to organizations that:

  • Incorporate endowment-building strategies in overall development efforts
  • Demonstrate involvement and leadership of board members in endowment fundraising
  • Provide marketing plans that incorporate endowment-building and planned giving
  • Demonstrate organizational stability and track record in raising various types of funds.

Organizations receiving grants from the Edwards Community Endowment Project are not eligible to reapply for participation in the project. Organizations whose applications are denied may reapply in subsequent years.

Pre-Application Meeting

Organizations interested in applying for participation in the Edwards Community Endowment Project should contact NCCF staff for more information about establishing an organizational endowment, investment and spending policies, administrative fees, and eligible gifts.

Applications are submitted through the Online Grant Lifecycle Manager Portal

The Building Healthier Communities Fund was established as part of an affiliation agreement between Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and Hartford Healthcare Corporation to enhance the economic and community well-being of the Greater Torrington and Winsted areas through strategies that advance: Improvements to business growth, diversification, and retention; Expand educational and workforce development; Foster regionalism and economic strategic partnerships; Enhance or replace our aged infrastructure; and/or Improve population health and conditions of daily living across all life stages.

Currently Seeking
Proposals for grants are invitation only.

Grant range
Grant awards for the Building Healthy Communities Fund initiatives generally range from $5,000-$50,000.
Larger requests, if critical to the success of the project or program, may be considered.

NCCF manages many donor advised funds. These funds are established by donors to support specific charitable interests.

Some of these funds are established as a bequest to provide support for area nonprofits in perpetuity. Others support the community as needed and at the recommendation of an anonymous fund holder.

Grant applications for donor advised funds are managed on an invitation-only basis based on the wishes of the fund holders. Application invitations are non-transferable.

Sponsorship Opportunities

NCCF awards sponsorships throughout the year for nonprofit fundraising events. For more information, please contact Julia Scharnberg, Vice President of Community Engagement

(860) 626-1245, Ext.113