NCCF works with professional advisors, such as estate attorneys, CPAs, and wealth advisors, providing resources and giving options for their charitably inclined clients.

Working with NCCF

What You Can Establish with NCCF

NCCF offers flexible, effective, and rewarding ways to accomplish your client's philanthropic goals. NCCF has worked with local professional advisors whose clients established:

Designated Funds

Designated Funds award grants to your client's choice of specific nonprofits. They can choose one or many: their church, an animal rescue society, a homeless shelter, a children’s support group. NCCF will ensure the nonprofits always uses your grants appropriately.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds support charitable efforts in specific areas of interest. Your client specifies that grants be made within a field of interest: homelessness, education, or conservation. Field of Interest funds are limited only by your imagination.

Community Catalyst Funds

Community Catalyst Funds have fewer grant parameters. They are a great resource for changing communities, grants from these funds are awarded when and where they are needed the most through NCCF’s Cycle Grants. In January, April and September.

Nonprofits apply for grants for new programs and capital projects. Discretionary funds supported nonprofits with the PPE needs and operating support they needed to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. They also provide the matching grants that make Northwest Corner Gives, NCCF’s crowdfunding initiative, possible.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds support educational purposes. Your client can support students attending a specific educational institution or pursuing specific courses of study. NCCF manages a robust online scholarship application system that connects qualifying students with scholarships.

NCCF funds can be established with retirement plan assets, such as IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s publicly traded stock and closely-held stock, cash, mutual funds, and life insurance policies

Private Foundation Transitions

NCCF works with professional advisors to convert their client’s private foundations to donor advised funds or supporting organizations to ease administrative burdens, while continuing the work of your client’s foundation.

Donor-advised Funds

Donor-advised Funds allow your client to play an active role in grant‐making without incurring the paperwork, taxes and administrative expense of maintaining a private foundation.

Donor-advised funds:

Supporting Organizations

NCCF supporting organizations benefit from public charity status and maintain the independence of a separate board of directors with grant-making responsibilities, but with less expense. Trustees of supporting organizations avoid the burden of meeting a public support test because they operate under NCCF.

Supporting organization board of trustees enjoy a high amount of involvement in their philanthropy, while benefiting from NCCF's expertise in grant, investment and administrative support.