Convert your private or family foundation to an NCCF Donor Advised Fund or Supporting Organization.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds allow you to play an active role in grant‐making without incurring the paperwork, taxes, and administrative expense of maintaining a private foundation.

A Donor-Advised Fund

Supporting Organizations

Supporting Organizations benefit from public charity status and maintain the independence of a separate board of directors with grant-making responsibilities, but with less expense and avoiding the burden of meeting a public support test because they operate under NCCF.

Supporting Organization Board of Directors enjoy a high amount of involvement in their philanthropy while benefiting from the Community Foundation’s expertise in grant, investment, and administrative support.

NCCF works with Professional Advisors throughout Northwest CT
Michael D. Rybak, Esq. and Michael D. Rybak, Jr., Esq.

"People don’t realize how expensive and time-consuming private foundations are to establish and maintain. It’s almost never financially advantageous to establish a private foundation. It’s almost always better to create a donor-advised fund with an organization like NCCF."

- Michael D. Rybak, Esq.