Publication: In Your Northwest Corner

In Your Northwest Corner Vol. 2

March 22, 2023

Celebrating the Work of Building America and the Collaborative Spirit of the Arts

The American Mural Project (AMP) in Winsted welcomes thousands of visitors a year to the largest indoor collaborative artwork in the world—a mural 120 feet long, 48 feet high, and up to 10 feet deep. A tribute to American workers, the mural is a visual history of the country over the past century through its workers—from heart surgeons to steel workers, athletes to ranchers, brewers to the fabricators of a 747.

AMP has become a destination for the region, providing an array of mission-centered programs and events—field trips; art classes and activities; lectures and workshops; summer programs; and professional development for arts educators.

Recent grants from the NCCF Jim & Nancy Garfield Fund for the Arts and the NCCF Khurshed Bhumgara Fund provided flexible support for the organization and its mission.

A grant from the NCCF Northwest Corner Gives crowdfunding program supported educational and professional development programming.

"Local community foundation support is critical to AMP's success, not only by funding necessary initiatives, but also because it illustrates a unique collaboration and community partnership that AMP holds among its greatest values," said Mimi Madden of American Mural Project.

Medical help

Medical Care for Vulnerable Community Members

Volunteers In Medicine Berkshires (VIM) provides access to free, comprehensive health care for those in the Berkshire region, including low-income residents of Norfolk, North Canaan, Salisbury, and Sharon who are uninsured or under-insured.

VIM provides medical, dental, mental health, nutrition, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, optometry, and integrated pain management. They also maintain a transportation program for patients.

"During the stress of the past two years under Covid, the need for VIM's behavioral health and social determinants of health services grew exponentially," said Dr. Pat Levine of Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires

A recent grant from the NCCF Robert V. Carr Fund supported behavioral and social determinant of health services for patients.

​"Your grant helps us continue to ensure that individual patients from Northwest CT get the lifesaving medical and dental treatments they need, regardless of the ability to pay, " said Gail Belmuth of Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires

Northwest CT Community Foundation Soon Will Have a New Look

This March, the Northwest CT Community Foundation (NCCF) will launch a refreshed brand, including a new logo, a new color palate, and a new website with enhanced features and navigation.

"In the more than 50 years since the Northwest CT Community Foundation was established, NCCF has granted more than $50 million to area nonprofits and scholarship recipients, making a meaningful difference for the homeless and hungry, for our community institutions, libraries, schools, churches, senior centers, the arts, and the environment," said NCCF president Guy Rovezzi.

​"We hope this brand-refresh will increase awareness and sharpen recognition for a whole new generation of local givers, so we can build upon the groundwork of communal goodwill donors have already made possible, and, in the process, usher in a growing commitment from likeminded people who share a common dream of a brighter tomorrow for all of us."

The logo and brand colors reflect the strength and resilience of NCCF, a community foundation that transforms lives and strengthens communities in Northwest CT by bringing together donors who care with causes that matter.