Publication: In Your Northwest Corner

In Your Northwest Corner Vol. 13

February 15, 2024

Originally Published January 30, 2020

Litchfield Celebrates 300 Years

In the early fall, hundreds of local residents and visitors collected on the historic Litchfield Green to celebrate Litchfield’s 300th birthday. The free daylong event was organized by the all-volunteer Litchfield Patriots.

A grant from the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation Fleet General Fund helped make the event possible.

“Without the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation Fleet General Fund this celebration for Litchfield’s anniversary would not have been possible,” said Rosemarie Greco of the Litchfield Patriots.

An 18th century village set up on the green encouraged visitors to learn about early village life, such as medical treatments, apothecary and musket safety. The Sons of the American Revolution established a military camp, complete with a revolutionary war recruitment officer. The Daughters of the American Revolution shared tools to help visitors research their genealogy.

Teens Grow Butterflies and a Connection to the Natural Environment

Audubon Sharon works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

A recent grant from the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation Elson-Slemmer Fund for the Environment enabled Audubon Sharon to bring Torrington High School students to its Caterpillar Rearing Lab for a hands-on learning experience raising caterpillars throughout their life cycle and growing the native plants that caterpillars feed on.

Students took multiple field trips to Audubon Sharon, visiting the bird rehabilitation facility, and assisting with garden preparation.

“Students gained first-hand, extended experience of how natural systems work, why they need to be maintained, and how their actions can affect change," said Eileen Fielding of Audubon Sharon.

"Community support for these programs is essential, and the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation helps to make our work possible.”

Help for Homeless in Severe Weather

At the The Gathering Place of New Beginnings of Northwest Hills volunteers and staff provide onsite assessments for homeless individuals and families, and access to resources and temporary shelter with the ultimate goal of helping people obtain the skills and services they need to maintain housing.

When frigid weather and winter storms blanket the Northwest Corner, shelters and even overflow shelters can quickly reach capacity.

No homeless person should be exposed to extreme cold weather conditions that could result in frostbite, hypothermia, or death,” said Nancy Cannavo of New Beginnings of Northwest Hills.

Through a recent grant from the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation Khurshed Bhumgara Fund homeless individuals and families will receive the help they need during severe cold weather.

The grant enables New Beginnings of Northwest Hills to provide protection from frigid temperatures including emergency hotel housing, sleeping bags and gift cards for food.