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In Your Northwest Corner February 2024

March 06, 2024

Originally Published February 29, 2024

Growing a Love of Reading

Colebrook Consolidated School is a small elementary school in rural Colebrook providing high-quality education for 71 students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Educators work in partnership with parents and the community to providing a safe, nurturing, educational experience where each child acquires the skills to become a life-long learner and succeed in a changing global society.

"It is our goal, as a hub for learning, that students are able to read the latest books recommended by the American Library Association, as well as other reputable book sources," said Amy Gardner of Colebrook Consolidated School.

A recent grant from the Northwest CT Community Foundation Draper Foundation Fund enabled Colebrook Consolidated School to enhance their library with inviting children's furniture, including a child-sized reading nook couch. The grant also made possible makerspace materials, new books, and a book cart.

A grant from the Northwest CT Community Foundation Robert V. Carr Fund helped stock the library with new books–providing fresh titles, recommended favorites, and a much-needed update to the existing collection, many of which were more than 16 years old.

"The students are excited about having brand new books in the library. They appreciate the ability to hand pick books that interest them, and they feel a sense of pride and ownership in these new books.

"The Makerspace also gives students the opportunity to work in small groups enhancing social skills."

Washington Ambulance Association on the steps of Bryan Memorial Town Hall

Supporting Emergency Services

The Washington Ambulance Association delivers emergency services to the Town of Washington and serves the surrounding towns through a mutual service agreement that enables coverage for EMTs from adjacent towns who cannot assemble a team in time, don't have appropriate equipment, or who are engaged in other service calls.

The organization provides on-site emergency care at the point of need and ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital serving specific healthcare needs. Volunteers serve the 3,600 residents of Washington and an additional 10,000 residents in Kent, Warren, Bethlehem, and Morris on an as-needed basis.

A grant from the Northwest CT Community Foundation Edwin M. Stone and Edith H. Stone Fund supports the purchase and renovation of a new facility to house ambulance operations.

"The upgrade of new space will improve work conditions for the volunteer members, make it more comfortable to be on site and on-call, especially at night, allow better training of existing and new volunteers, and most importantly, improve response times," said Michael Lloyd of the Washington Ambulance Association.

Addressing Trauma with Qualified Care

Nestled in the heart of Litchfield County, Greenwoods Counseling & Referrals is at the forefront of mental health support, offering beacon of hope to many in the area grappling with psychological trauma. The organization helps 1,000 individuals a year connect with a mental-health professional who can provide services that address their specific needs.

"The dramatically increasing need for mental healthcare is distressing given the shortage of mental healthcare providers and the underdiagnosis and reporting of mental disorders, particularly within low-income and rural communities like those in Northwest CT," said Marisa Johnson of Greenwoods Counseling & Referrals.

Grants from the Northwest CT Community Foundation Marion Wm. & Alice Edwards Fund and the Northwest CT Community Foundation Edward W. Diskavich Fund supported increased office space for the expansion of services in Winsted and Torrington.

A grant from the Northwest CT Community Foundation Keroden Endowed Fund supported trauma treatment training for 60 licensed mental health professionals.

Grants from Northwest CT Community Foundation Torrington Savings Fund and the Northwest CT Community Foundation Torrington Savings Bank Fund provided flexible support toward Greenwoods Counseling & Referrals mission to ensure swift access to high-quality, affordable mental health care and related social services for individuals and families living and working in Litchfield County. ​

"It is thanks to continued generosity of supporters like you, that Greenwoods can ensure that our neighbors have access to the behavioral healthcare they need to live healthy, happy lives," said John Simoncelli LCSW, LAD of Greenwoods Counseling & Referrals.

Your gift to the Northwest CT Community Foundation Community Leadership Fund works to improve the Northwest Corner of CT in so many ways: programs for the healthy development of our children, well-stocked soup kitchens and food pantries for struggling families, the development of affordable homes, assistance for college students navigating financial aid, and so much more.
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