Agency Funds are established by nonprofits to support their charitable needs. NCCF handles the management and stewardship of the charitable assets to enable a stable source of revenue for your nonprofit at a low cost. This frees your nonprofit and its board of directors to concentrate on the pursuit of the nonprofit’s charitable mission. Agency funds can be established as endowed or non-endowed funds.

Endowment funds are pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth. Endowed funds protect the long-term value of the fund by balancing principal protection with disbursement spending.

Non-Endowment funds have no permanent principal balance and are immediately available for disbursements also at your direction. Non-endowed funds allow for more flexibility. These funds are invested in the same pool as endowed funds. Like endowed funds, the principal balance is protected, but they are not limited to a 5-1/2 percent disbursement spending policy.